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Uniting for a Stronger Union Township:

Join the Movement with Mike Logue

Join Mike's Mission for a Better Union Township and a Stronger America! As a combat veteran, dedicated father, and proven leader, Mike is committed to making a real difference in his community and fighting for a stronger America.


Mike Logue is a dedicated public servant and military veteran, who has dedicated his life to serving others. As a member of the United States Marine Corps' Lima Company, Mike was deployed to Iraq in 2005, where he spent 210 out of 240 days in combat, making it one of the most combat-engaged units since Vietnam. Since his return, Mike has continued his service by supporting veterans' charities and assisting pro-veteran candidates.

In 2019, Mike was elected as a Union Township Trustee, a community of 50,000 residents. He has been committed to delivering transparency, accountability and communication to the community.

Mike is also a devoted family man, who values his wife and children above all else. He brings his strong sense of duty, integrity, and leadership to his public service and is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of veterans, his community, and the nation

Join Mike in his mission to make Union Township an even better place to call home, with a focus on strengthening families, improving local services, and attracting new businesses to the area.

As part of this mission, Mike is dedicated to continuing his work to bring transparency, accountability, and effective communication to the community.


Support a leader who will fight for the families of Union Township and work to build a stronger America, one community at a time. Join Mike's Mission for a Better Union Township and a Stronger America!

“Michael Logue's commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency is unparalleled. His delivery of Ohio's Open Checkbook program showcases his dedication to accountability and empowering taxpayers. I wholeheartedly endorse Michael for Trustee, confident that he will be a vigilant guardian of taxpayer dollars and a catalyst for the progress and prosperity of Union Township." - Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague

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Championing American values and the power of hard work: This combat veteran and accomplished pilot embodies the conservative principles of integrity, excellence, and individual responsibility. With a proven track record as a visionary leader and successful small businessman, he has demonstrated his commitment to serving his community and his family with a steadfast heart. Join him in building a brighter future for our nation.
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