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God, Family, Country

Leaving Tomorrow Better Than Today

About Michael Logue: A Leader Committed to God, Family, and Country
Michael Logue is a proud veteran, a dedicated public servant, and a committed family man who is passionate about leaving tomorrow better than today. As a member of the United States Marine Corps, Michael served his country with distinction in Iraq, where he spent 210 days in combat and helped his unit to kill 203 enemy insurgents, wound 100, and capture 154.
After his time in the military, Michael continued to serve his country for the Department of Defense, where he has been contracting aircraft weapon systems, services, and technology. He recently demonstrated his expertise in program development and management by leading the creation and implementation of a $4.6 Billion international acquisition program. With his strong negotiating skills and ability to work with senior leaders in the Department of Defense, he successfully brokered agreements and provided comprehensive reports to Congress on the program's progress and outcomes. This innovative program provides a platform for thousands of small businesses to expand their reach and increase sales on a global scale.
In addition to his work with the Air Force, Michael is a dedicated philanthropist and a strong advocate for veteran-led non-profit organizations that assist transitioning veterans with education, employment, wellness, personal finance, and spiritual growth. For his contributions to his community, he has been recognized by Ohio University with the Outstanding Senior Leader Award and the President's Recent Graduate Award. He was also honored with an invitation from the White House to welcome President Donald J. Trump to Cincinnati.
Michael is also a Certified Flight Instructor at Sporty's Pilot Shop, an advisor for USO Tribute Cincinnati - USO Central Southern Ohio, and a past member of the Tristate Veteran Community Alliance. He and his wife Kristin have two young sons, Austin and Andrew, and a daughter, Alaina, and are active members of Crossroads Church, where they have helped launch Veterans Man Camp and have led several small groups.
As a Union Township Trustee, Michael has brought transparency, accountability, and effective communication to the community and is committed to making Union Township an even better place to call home. He is dedicated to fighting for the families of Union Township and working to build a stronger America, one community at a time. Michael is guided by his core values of God, Family, and Country and is committed to leaving tomorrow better than today for the next generation.

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