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Results 2022

Elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Staff & Personnel

  • We created and implemented an onboarding process for newly elected Trustees.

  • We had a robust competitive process to hire key administrative personnel, including a new Township Administrator, that included dozens of applications and over 20 hours of interviews. 

  • New Director of Development to head Planning and Zoning with a focus on smart development and livability.

  • New Law Director with national recognition for Economic Development.

  • New Police, Fire, and Service workers to reduce the 20,000 annual hours of overtime.

  • Began review and revising several decades old policies. 

  • Updating township communications tools like the website, newsletter, and social media activity. 

  • Building strong relationships with officials like our County Commissioners, Auditor, and State Officials to ensure the Township always has a seat at the table. 

  • Actively discussing and planning for Hike and Bike Trails/Connectivity

  • Began building a more attractive work ecosystem to ensure we attract and retain good employees. 

  • Streamlined monthly meetings to be more efficient and accessable to residents.

Economic Development

Smart  Growth

  • TQL expansion $44M and 160,000 Square Feet.

  • Kroger Anchoring EastGate Mall Redevelopment with $25M expansion, breaking ground 2023.

  • Working on development of housing at the Glen Este Campus and surrounding area to help fill out the market.

  • The Eastgate Professional Office Building operated by the Township is now going to be fully rented for the first time in years as demand continues to be strong.  

  • Lots of new and exciting projects in the pipeline that we hope to announce early in 2023! 

  • Investing for the first time in strategic planning for Eastgate Mall and Route 32 corridor / Mt. Carmel planning. 

  • Project List to clean up Zoning Resolution.

Parks & Recreation

Live, Work, & Play

  • Significant investment in our parks. 

  • Launched the first citizen engagement board, starting with the Parks and Recreation Committee.

  • Choice One Engineering working on Master Plans for the Park system. 

  • Pickleball Courts at Clepper.

  • Dog access at all townships parks.

  • Rethinking and reimagining summer concerts. 

  • Received CDBG Grant of $125K for playground infrastructure at Clepper Park.

  • Received State Capital Grant of $125K for Pickleball courts at Clepper Park.


Roads, Sidewalks, & More

  • Firehouse Station 48 renovation of dilapidated bathroom and storage room.

  • Firehouse installation of Safe Haven Baby Box to support mothers in crisis.

  • Service Department acquisition of Boom Mower, previously borrowed from neighboring Townships after they cut their grass.

  • Service Department acquisition to replace rusted out and broken down snow plow truck.

  • First year of Ohio Check Book and working to deliver more transparency with Township website to deliver new cutting edge Government technology tools.

  • Work progressing on Route 32 to eliminate stop lights and commute time will continue into 2023 and will help significantly with traffic flow.

  • New Partnership starting with Clermont County Transportation Improvement District to do road improvements on Aicholtz and help with traffic flow in that area. This should start in early 2023.

  • Continue to invest ARPA dollars in township capital needs, replacing equipment in a way that will help us move forward without major hits to the general fund while we establish and launch a new strategically planned Capital Reserve Fund. 

  • Received OKI funding for sidewalk projects around West Clermont High School that will improve sidewalks and access in the area and help keep transportation safer for the school kids.

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