"Forged on the battlefield as a 19-year-old combat veteran, I saw America’s spirit of Freedom and we carried her forward. I am humbled to receive your support to serve the people of Union Township. Together we will lead into the future. My breadth and depth of business and technical acumen make me the best candidate for Union Township Trustee. I ask for your vote on November 5th 2019. Together we can be freedom at work today and everyday, as America’s enduring spirit of freedom rests solely on our shoulders."

-Michael Logue



This is one of the top reasons Michael is running for Union Township Trustee. In summer of 2016 Michael, along with a 100+ residents in his neighborhood, woke up to bulldozers in the early morning. No notice was given prior to the falling of trees on the 14 acre green space owned by Union Township, no notice of public sale, and no notice of plans to change from a community space with a park to a shotgunned single family home development.


The lack of coordination and competition on the action to dispose of 14 acres of forest, led to displacement of water onto the surrounding properties. The plan as approved was not coordinated and integrated with the surrounding neighborhood. 


Now homes at the top of a hill were threatened by 100 year flood levels within the first 6 months of the new development. The property owners received no response from Matt Beamer and they have continued to face water retention issues, crumbling roads, and land slides. When the attempt was made to get answers from Union Township, the response was to simply push aside the concerns of residents and point the finger at Clermont County.


Provide effective and compassionate constituent services is a cornerstone of Logue's candidacy. No problem should be considered too small or too insignificant. All residents should have their voices heard, and the the people who are elected to serve them should do whatever they can to help them solve their problems.


Complacency is the enemy of progress. It should always be a priority to find better ways to do things and to adapt to the changing environment around us. Michael wants to take Union Township to the next level when it comes to economic development, constituent services, and fiscal responsibility. Union Township does a lot of things correctly, but Michael Logue will strive to infuse new energy into local government.


Transparency and accountability in government is necessary in keeping government from running out of control. Union Township sits as one of the largest townships in Ohio by population, yet is one of the few local governments of its size that has yet to become part of the Ohio Checkbook. By joining the Ohio Checkbook, Union Township would work in concert with the Ohio Treasurer's Office to make all revenue and every single line item expenditure publicly available for review. This would provide residents the opportunity to see precisely how their tax dollars are being spent by their local elected officials.


Creating jobs, building close relationships with our local businesses, and serving as an ambassador of the township to businesses that are considering putting down roots in Union Township will be a main focus of Michael Logue's service as trustee. Establishing a culture of smart-growth will signal to businesses and families alike that Union Township is open for smart development that brings the community together.