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In 2004 Cpl. Michael Logue was a student at Ohio University when he was told his reserve infantry unit, Lima Company, would deploy to Iraq. The U.S. Marine unit spent 210 days of their 240-day deployment engaging in combat. During this time, they killed 203 enemy insurgents, wounded 100 and captured 154. 


Lima Company suffered 23 casualties and saw a third of its members killed or wounded in action. Logue was fortunate enough to suffer no serious physical injuries. When he returned from duty, Logue was faced with another issue: the overwhelming experience of returning to school at Ohio University in Athens. 


Along with a group of other combat veterans, Logue was having his grades withheld, tuition payment troubles and was unable to register for classes. He said, "It's a large culture shock … If someone doesn't understand issues with the university or how different systems work, far too often guys will just leave OU." 


With this in mind, Logue decided to start a student organization, Combat Veterans Club, to help make Ohio University a more veteran-friendly campus. He has served as Veterans' Affairs commissioner for the university's Student Senate and worked to develop an Office of Veterans' Services. The Office of Veterans' Services is funded by private support, with $133,000 raised in its first year in existence, the bulk of which goes toward funding scholarships, a peer mentor program, programming and staffing. Thanks to donor support, more than $200,000 was raised this past year to support the program. The university now boasts a growing veteran population. 


Logue received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps on Sept. 29, 2011. In June 2011 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in aviation and minors in meteorology and business. Michael went on to work as a flight instructor in Cincinnati while enrolling onto a Masters of Business Administration executive program.


While Michael was instructing he earned a prestigious, Gold Seal flight instructor certificate for his accomplishment certificating over 10 new pilots with 100% pass rating.


Michael’s service to the community has continued as he leads the nationally recognized Eyes Of Freedom: The Lima Company Memorial, sits as an advisor for USO Tribute Cincinnati, a past member of Tristate Veteran Community Alliance, and was a founding board member of Veteran Kinnection.

Michael has engaged to support local, veteran led, non-profit organizations that assists motivated transitioning veterans with education, employment, wellness, and personal finance. Michael has worked on State of Ohio law to strengthen opportunities for veterans, provided testimony to name Ohio Highways for the military.


He works collaboratively with individuals and other organizations to promote continued improvement and success of veterans while urging meaningful community involvement and participation among the veteran population.


In October of 2013 Michael accepted a position with the Department of the Air Force as a contract negotiator. He has been responsible for procurement and acquisitions of aircraft weapon systems, services, and technology. While working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Michael has assisted the development of veteran employment channels and participated in briefing the Air force Policy chiefs on hiring veterans. Michael’s continued work has received notice from his Alma Matter, the Board of Alumni Association has named him the Presidential 2015 Awardee.


Recently Michael has worked efforts to support and lead the development of the next generation Blackhawk Helicopter, the HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopter


He is married to Kristin and they have 2  boys, Austin and Andrew. They live in Union Township and love their community.

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